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Capture Precious Competitor & Market Intelligence through Elicitation

I had meant to post this event on our Ning calendar, but alas I was traveling during the last several weeks and forgot. However, you can have the benefit of this webinar here, including the slides and the podcast.

I talk about elicitation and how to use elicitation to gather competitive intelligence. I walk through a case study where I trained sales people on elicitation skills to get answers to a company's 10 KITs for product development. A major part of this learning process was getting sales, marketing and product developers on the same page to identify the KITs, and what would motivate customers to share.

I will also be giving a talk on this subject at SCIP's annual conference in Chicago on Friday, April 24 at 9:40 a.m. Central time. For more detail on SCIP's conference, check out this website. On-line registration ends on April 13. Hope to see you there.

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