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Catalog Updates site of the Research Center of Viktor Voksanaeva - for January - February 2012

Dear Colleagues,
I suggest read the informational materials that are available December 29, 2011 on the site of the Research Center Viktor Voksanaeva  site of the Research Center of Viktor Voksanaeva. I hope that the material will be useful to all analysts.
Sincerely, V. Voksanaev

Under the heading: Analytical materials on OSINT (English):
Russia: Security Concerns About Iran's Space Program Growing (CIA Open Source Works, U / / FOUO)

IO Journal (February 2010)

Strategic OSINT (R. Steele)

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Signals Intelligence and Cyber Reconnaissance Infrastructure (2049 Institute, 2011)

iPod Forensics Update (International Journal of Digital Evidence Spring 2007, Volume 6, Issue 1)

iPhone Call History (2010)

Retention Periods of Major Cellular Service Providers (2010)

Collection of analytical materials on exploration SA Intelligencer 90

Open Source Information and the Reshaping of US Intelligence (HAMILTON BEAN, 2011)


Analyst TRIPwire DHS USA (2011)

Intelligence Officer's Handbook TC 2-50.5

Cybercrime: protecting against the growing threat Global Economic Crime Survey (PwC, 2011)

Under the heading - analyzes the Crisis in Russia
Economy Emergency and Risk Management (textbook, 2004)

Journal of the FSB: Pros and Cons (№ 3, 2011)

Journal of the FSB: Pros and Cons (№ 4, 2011)

Genetically modified organisms and biosafety PROBLEMS (2011)

Proceedings of Main Geophysical Observatory. MGO (Issue 563, 2011)

A new army of Russia (Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, 2010)

Regional issues (FEB RAS Journal, Volume 14, № 1, 2011)

Features of development of cities in the Far East of Russia (2011)

Territorial Studies: Objectives, Results and Prospects (2011)

Strong enough to WTO

Under the heading - analyzes the Crisis Abroad
SECOND assessment of transboundary rivers, lakes and groundwater (UNECE, 2011)

Human Development Report 2011 (UNDP)


WHO report on global tobacco epidemic, 2011 (review)

Urban Transport for Europe (UNECE, 2011)

State of the world land and water resources for food
and Agriculture (FAO report, 2011)

Least developed countries (for a review of the UN report, 2011)

Assessment of environmental assessment in Europe (UNECE, 2011)

Signals 2011 (UNECE, 2011)

Stop the loss of biodiversity by 2010: the first set of proposed indicators to monitor progress in Europe - EEA Technical Report № 11/2007

IEA Response System for Emergency (2011)

In category: White Papers on the assessment of crisis situations (English):
Possible Suicide Bomber Indicators (U / / FOUO)


In category: White Papers RAND Corporation assessment of crisis situations (English):
Is Al Qaeda's Internet Strategy Working?
Alliances in the 21st Century

Under the heading: This is of interest to every
Family Planning (2008)
Scout Handbook (for scouts) (1992)

CRS Analytical Materials of the U.S. Congress on the evaluation of the 2011 crisis (English) - updated December 29, 2011

The content of the newsletter OSINT № 23 (January-February 2012) Research Center of Viktor Voksanaeva
Journal of Homeland Security Affairs (December 2011)
The Power of "the Few": A Key Strategic Challenge for the Permanently Disrupted High-Tech Homeland Security Environment
Application of Social Network Analysis Methods to Quantitatively Assess Exercise Coordination
Special Report: Key Issues from the UAPI Continental Security Conference

Competitive Intelligence
Tips for Competitive Intelligence (practice, English)
Primary intelligence vs secondary intelligence
Tips to assessing risk
Crystal ball analytics
A taxonomy of OSINT sources
Nine Ways to
depersonalize your search results
News of competitive intelligence

The global analyst
In short: a review of analytical information material world
centers and international organizations
Prospects 2012 Oxford Analytica
Eurasia Group - Research Highlights
Recent reports - The World Economic Forum
The December 2011 newsletter PRIF (Germany)
The Urgency of Fiscal Reconstruction: Before Strain becomes Critical (by Motoshige Itoh (President, NIRA)
Recent Publications 2011 Stockholm Network
58 Bulletin of BICC (Bonn International Center for Conversion)
Recent reports Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI)
Club of Rome Publications
The Winter 2011 IISS Newsletter
SIPRI Newsletter December 2011
Recent Publications Hoover Institution (USA)

My Russia
Russian medicine: the problem of accessibility and quality
The development of the petroleum products market in Russia
The case centers - an important element of management

Analytical Materials Fund "NAMACON"
The policy of our country. Monitoring of events - the second decade of October 2011
The policy of our country. Monitoring of events - the third decade of October 2011
The policy of our country. Monitoring of events - the first decade of November 2011
The policy of our country. Monitoring of events - the second decade of November 2011
The policy of our country. Monitoring of events - the third decade of November 2011
The policy of our country. Monitoring of events - the first decade of December 2011

Prevention and treatment of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia (WHO, 2011)

Catalog site updates Research Center Viktor Voksanaeva January-February 2012

Information Research Center Viktor Voksanaeva Books VP Voksanaeva

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