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The quote, "If wishes were Horses, Beggars would ride" seems more fitting than Voodoo economics which didn't gain much traction nor did Supply-Side Economics, or other Classic Economic Theory.

The revisit to Sub-prime economic instruments have gained the attention, "Hearts and Minds...." and the essence of the Economy. The expansion of the economy is based upon the Auto Industry and is real; Auto Production has increased and Auto Sales have increased. The 'Multiplier Effect' has activated. The (fragile) outlook on the Economy has much improved. The 'New Car' (or upgrade) makes for a good indicator of economic expectation; Even, Fido gets into the act.

It's more than going to work in a 'new ride' or cruising the neighborhood; It's the incentive to look "outside the box" for the next job/career, the next business/(venture), the next adventure; The incentive to look, dream or attempt something new/different. The act of "daring..." Does it work? The answer is in the future. Even the Repo Man has a piece of the action - non perhishable item with Re-Sale Value.

Seems too practical, too simple. Call it repressed (Pent-Up) Consumer Demand; If a path is provided to economic satisfaction (the better mouse-trap), the consumer will 'beat a path to the dealerships'. By the time that all the faults are found and naysayers have voiced all their opinions, the Economy may have recovered.  AWin,Win !/?



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