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Russian Spies Still Working Internet from Remote Locations to Gather US Intelligence! - By Lance Winslow


The Russian Spies who were caught in New Jersey, were only the tip of the ice berg, many others have been involved in and around our education system, and networking with Wall Street, local governments, and groups with economic backgrounds. They also work extremely hard to infiltrate policy organizations, think tanks, and academia. Many work with large multi-national conglomerates from the top five to ten largest GDP countries of the world, giving them free access to travel.


The massive 1 million person strike in South Africa was in part the doing of Russian Spies in that country to help the communist party get a better foothold there, and influence the region. In South America, they have infiltrated Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, just to name a few, again working those connections, and using some of those free-trade agreements to garner access to the US, and the ability to contact, do business with, and get information from US Companies.


In Silicon Valley, they have infiltrated many of the large corporations there, run service companies, and use sex appeal to get close to executives. Their covers are nothing spectacular and often ordinary such as risk management personnel, financial consultants, event organizers, marketing representatives, tag-alongs with deal-making parties. Some are also involved using quasi-media relations covers. They are in Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston, Philly, Chicago suburbs, etc.


The catching and deporting of the ten individuals previously is nothing, tip of the ice berg stuff. Unfortunately, many of the leads the FBI had are also now broken, but rest assured they are still up to their old tricks and making contacts every day, even using variations of the same names they've used previously. It's as if they picked a few names a long time ago, and went with those, someone in the KGB is just culturally naïve, but it's too late now.


We can easily use AI or Artificially Intelligent Computers to catch them, in fact, it wouldn't even be that tough, I bet if I had 10 savvy 20-somethings with some really good social networking skills, some access to Google's information, and a couple of weeks of 17-hour days with my team, we could catch 100 more. Yes, a drop in the bucket, but it would throw the Russians off their game big time. And we could use this model to help other countries throw a wrench in their nonsense.


These jokers really think they are smart, and they are manipulative, cunning, yet naïve, and they have no clue as to how intense real Americans can be. All we need is the will, a few more team members and they are as good as caught. How do I know all this? Oh hell, let's just call it Telepathy, I am not even sure they have a name for it.


By Lance Winslow


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