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Unique website monitoring service launched

In an industry first, changes to company websites can now be monitored with a powerful new software service, delivering unprecedented awareness of what’s being said on the websites of clients, competitors, industry and regulatory bodies.

WebAlertPro automatically monitors websites and web pages, identifying changes made to their content and to the content of linked documents such as terms and conditions and press releases. Changes are shown in context by highlighting what text has been deleted or amended in a page, and are reported in a daily or weekly alerts email.

Alastair Crawford founder of the e-superbrand said: “I’ve been using the beta version of WebAlertPro. It changes the game in terms of allowing companies to stay on top of what their competitors are doing with extremely little effort. Not only does it save time but it picks up the smallest changes and in a timely fashion.”

The service utilises cutting-edge data extraction software and allows users to choose what websites or sections of a website to monitor. Customers can also select the content that most interests them, from products and services to pricing and contact information.

WebAlertPro co-founder Dr Richard Hill says: “Previously, programmes could monitor changes on individual web pages but each page was time consuming to set up, and it was difficult to understand the significance of those changes.

“Our technology can monitor entire sites and can score the importance of a change using our proprietary ChangeRank algorithm. So trivial changes, or text which changes frequently for example are automatically filtered out, meaning you only get to see the important updates. Plus, everything is archived so you have available all prior versions of a page and the changes made to it.”

WebAlertPro also picks up changes within documents linked to a website such as terms and conditions, white papers and privacy policies.

Joel Halbert co-founder of WebAlertPro explains:

“We see WebAlertPro as being valuable across the board, for anyone that needs to regularly check the content of a site.

“Our beta trial has shown particular enthusiasm for the product from marketeers and product managers who relish receiving a single daily email alerting them to the activities of their competitors,” he added.
WebAlertPro is available as a paid-for subscription service. It is a Software-as-a-Service product; a web browser is all that is needed to access and use it. A free trial is available.


The concept of WebAlertPro was founded by SU3 Analytics Ltd, a technology and research company specialising in web crawling and data extraction software.

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