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Webinar, Feb 25 12:00pm EST: Making Competitive Analysis Pay

louis columbus

Louis Columbus
Cincom Team Member

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Webinar Summary: Ryma’s Feburary 25th Webinar at 12EST given by Louis Columbus. Concentrating on getting beyond the superficial data competitors share about themselves on their websites, blogs or social networking accounts, this seminar will provide insights into how to get to the truth about your competitors. Assessing their present and potential strategies and the broader implications of their strengths and weaknesses on their long-term ability to compete is also discussed. Internet-based sources and frameworks are also provided, in addition to ideas of how product management professionals can become experts in analyzing and knowing their competitors’ strongest and weakest points. There is a tendency of the smallest competitors to attempt to appear much bigger than they are through the use of websites, social networking and PR, and approaches to debunk these projections of size and strength are also discussed. Examples will be provided from the high tech and enterprise software industries. Use of the #pmv hashtag is encouraged for Twitter conversation. Follow Louis in Twitter @LouisColumbus

About the Presenter: Louis Columbus is a member of the Cincom Complex Manufacturing Business Solutions Team and a former Senior Analyst at AMR Research. Prior to joining Cincom, Louis was a Senior Analyst at AMR Research, focusing on guided selling, sales and product configuration, order management and service lifecycle management. Mr. Columbus has published fifteen books on a variety of technology areas including Microsoft operating systems, peripherals, the application service provider arena. Mr. Columbus is also currently a lecturer for graduate-level International Business and Marketing courses at Webster Loyola-Marymount University, contributing in this role for the past seven years. He's also taught graduate level courses at University of California, Irvine, and California State University Fullerton. Mr. Columbus focuses on global economic theory, balance of trade, international marketing strategies, global product introductions, and international expansion strategies including join ventures and subsidiary creation.

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