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Why would #TechTourism grow faster than other Tourism Industry?

Hey! thanks for coming to this page and article, It will increase my page optimization. :) Got it? Never mind we come to the topic. " #TechTourism " . A number of people from various line of business asked me what is #TechTourism? with facts, If I am defining it then i call it " Technologies for Tourism " just like "Technologies for Finance " which is also #finTech (Financial Technology).

More or less #TechTourism is derived from various industries' combination like Technology or HiTech , Tourism and Tours. Well! Tech Tourism also attracts the tourists in especially tech background. A number of people around the world travel oversea to tour the places to understand the nature, to seen the places and beauty of the world and most probably it benefits to those who are researching, studying or practicing the same industries like medical, tourism business, plantation, nature, photography etc.

But tech background people just travel through and find excitement, people in this era with multitasking nature in mind want to study and travel at the same expense and same time and same line of business or discipline. So now tech guys are called tech tourists., they want to gain knowledge , skill and share too meanwhile they travel for small period of time.

There are a number of types you can find in it

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