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I know a lot of us are Twittering (or experimenting with it) of late.

Part of the value of Twittering is helping to know what members of this forum are busy with or seeing in their fields of work or markets. I know I'd love to know more about what you all do.

If you're on Twitter now, just add your name below as a comment and over time I'm sure we'll have a very robust community on there. I'll attempt to aggregate this list every month or so.

My Twitter ID is dan_mchugh

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Hi just tweeted this changing the message to reflect the new year. I am so technically challenged...I don't really know how to retweet...sigh
You did fine Ellen - thanks VERY much for retweeting!
Relatively new to Business Intelligence and Twitter! My Twitter ID: smartin511
Welcome Sonya - I see your updates are protected but I put in a request. ;-)
Thanks Arik! Consider yourself accepted!
Dan --

I have a Twitter account, but just a causal user : ID = FredWergeles.

I plan on becoming much more active in the coming months.

Fred Wergeles
I can be found on Twitter at MarcyJR, but it's much easier now with the new People search function.

I'd be interested in knowing how well people are streaming it into their blackberries, IMs, etc. I track some individuals for projects, and their output is so intense that I am reluctant to divert the Twitterflow to any other platforms, it would be overwhelming.

Marcia Rodney
Thanks Marcia - just signed on with you.

One option is to subscribe to the RSS feed for the people you want to follow in your RSS reader. I also use to set up some keyword searches in Twitter and include the RSS feeds for those searches in my RSS reader as well.
Happy New Year Fred - looking forward to your most casual of tweets.
my id is chrishote.
Cheers and best wishes for Y09.
Good idea. I actually just found this thread but I am twitter at: tfrieling.

We started using twitter for our corporate communications (IsToBe) and have actually had more activity stemming from twitter than our organic search! A bit perplexing at first but it makes sense after we brainstormed the why.

We are pondering the idea of creating a twitter tool to help in CI and/or to manage enterprise twitter users (those having multiple accounts or needing to determine sentiment or monitor chatter). Seems like a fun project.


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