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Are there any CI articles in Japanese?

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Hi Jeanne: Yes there are quite a few from what I understand, even books on CI-related topics - one of mine is translated into Japanese as is one of Dr. Prescott's)-- although it would be better to ask one of our Japanese CI experts about them. I'd suggest contacting my friend Dr. Yoshio Sugasawa, who is a professor at Nihon University. His e-mail is

On another note, I am just finishing at present an article looking at, among other things, Japanese CI practices. Although I admittedly have access to several dozen (English language) articles about this area, I am curious as to whether any articles written in Japanese can be accessed over the web and translated without great expense? Are there any blogs devoted to Japanese CI practice? I have found several dedicated to Chinese and Korean CI practice, among others. These are the days I wish I was multi-lingual!! Good wishes.
Hi Jeanne,

To add to Craig, another connection in Japan in CI is Juro Nakagawa who has been doing CI for a while. He is a professor at Tokyo Keisai University and can be emailed at

Another group to reach out to is the Tashiro Research Institute. Kosei Tashiro runs it, and the firm does CI, and I think is pretty large for a CI consulting concern. Kosei can be emailed at This email is old, but I imagine you can find them on Google in Japan.

All the best, Ellen Naylor
Thank you both for this information. I very much appreciate your ideas.

Best Regards,



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