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August Jackson Interviews for "Six Days to Delivery" Case Study

August Jackson and I recently recorded two interviews regarding Days 3 and 4 of the competitive intelligence case study "Six Days to Delivery" featured in the Strategically Thinking column in Competitive Intelligence Magazine. August expanded on his written comments as he discussed the key issues faced by the characters in the case.

Have a listen to August's insight comments, reflections and suggestions.

Here are the links.

August's Interview
Six Days to Delivery (Day 3)
Six Days to Delivery (Day 4)

Case Study
Six Days to Delivery (Day 3)
Six Days to Delivery (Day 4)

August's Written Commentary
Six Days to Delivery (Day 3) 
Six Days to Delivery (Day 4) 

What do you think?

Tom Hawes

JTHawes Consulting

Strategically Thinking Blog
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Thank you for your kind comments about the case study effort.

I agree that August gave useful answers in a totally unrehearsed interview format. He had no foreknowledge of the questions that I asked yet he came across, I think, as very professional. The other interviews with Babette and Arthur also provided valuable insight into different thought processes and problem solving approaches.

Your feedback about the usefulness of case studies is gratifying. We (all of the commentators and I) are hoping to advance our community problem solving expertise through these case studies.

Of course, others may also participate. I regularly am looking for additional commentators. If someone wanted to respond through the podcast format, I can certainly make that happen as well.

Thank you.

Tom Hawes

JTHawes Consulting
Strategically Thinking Blog
CI Case Studies
CI Case Studies Blog
Thank you for the comments, Tak. I'm glad that you found the concept of the CI case and my commentary useful.

For years I've enjoyed the presentation of situational cases in the Harvard Business Review. The most useful attribute of the HBR case is the commentary from diverse experts. It's useful to remember that there is no one best way to deal with any situation, and that each of us can bring our unique strengths and perspectives to come up with a course of action that has a high likelihood of success.

I invite my fellow CI professionals reading these cases to submit their own response as comments on the blog. For the "Six Days to Deliver" case what might you do differently if you are in Peter's shoes and faced with a high-profile inquiry that can make or break your company's fortunes?


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