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I just finished reading Business Model Generation,

The book provides a pedagogic model for analysing and developing a company's business model and illustrates that model with a number of interesting cases. On top of that, the authors also integrate their model with familiar models, such as SWOT and Blue Ocean.

Apart from that the book is very beautiful and fun-to-read.

Any downsides? Well, possibly the CI-related part of the book - I find their structure for analysing the business environment a bit odd, but one can easily insert another structure into their thinking, and that is not really a major part of the book.

All in all, a very good bok, IMHO.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all group members a Merry Christmas and a spectacular New Year!



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Thanks Henrik,

Sounds like a pretty good read - wish they had it on the Kindle - I've started moving most of my reading over there the past several months.

Merry Christmas, Happy 2011 and thanks for the kind season's greetings!

- Arik

Arik, that is an interesting subject in itself!

I've started moving my fiction reading to the screen(s), but when it comes to non-fiction, I'm still on the fence. I like to highlight, make notes, sketch ideas etc. connected to what I read and from what I've seen so far, support for that is lagging (the bookmarking functionality I have seen is not as easy as using my pencil...), althought I haven't tried Kindle - other formats seem to be more prevalent in Europe.

Also, Europe - and my home country Sweden - seems a bit behind on e-books compared to e.g. the US. This surprises me, considering that Sweden usually score quite high on most IT related measures, such as broadband penetration etc. But a major shift to e-books will come to us as well, no doubt...


Yes, that'd be an interesting discussion - in fact, I find I've been buying BOTH the hardcopy and the Kindle version - Kindle for ease of searching and portability, but the hardcopy just as you suggest - for note-taking, bookmarking, etc. I've started using Evernote ( the past few months too, so hoping to get starting using that tool to help with some of the citations I normally used to do by hand.


Cheers for a happy new year!


- Arik


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