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When collecting primary information, it is important to have great listening skills.  By listening well you can pick up nuances and signals.  Here is a short video that I found most helpful in showing 5 key ways to listen better:

Come to think of it, does anyone have any short videos demonstrating or highlighting useful tips to help people develop good CI skills?

We could create a video library here for reference on good CI skills.  Interested to see what members here have come across.



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Hi Babette,


This is music to my listening ears since I love to listen to people and music and also embrace moments of silence like Julian Treasure describes in the TED video you shared. He seems to be on once a year with TED. Here is another gem: from 2010.


The one thing I liked that he shared which pertains to active listening: "Listen to the person every day as though it is for the first time."


I don't know of any CI videos on listening. I have written on cooperative intelligence which includes cooperative communication as one of its pillars. In the CI world, you want to consider your audience for CI deliverables also in how they appreciate and will best digest what you share. That goes beyond "listening" with your ears. However, by practicing active listening skills, your primary collection will soar, as will your connection to everyone you talk with when building your CI network.

Here is a website that has a lot about cooperative communication, not in competitive intelligence language, but sure is helpful to listening.


Babette, thanks for sharing. You reminded me that I need to spend more time on TED. The speakers are so informative, and the time well spent!



Thanks Ellen.... I look forward to hearing Julian's talk you referred to.  Just love the learnings... Do you know if there is a library of videos supporting CI skills? There are a few videos here on CI ning around CI skills but I could not find any on the SCIP site.



Hi Babette,


Most of what I have seen on CI skills is either in writing or podcasts. There are a few here on Ning as you point out and there are a few on YouTube. I think one of the best connections for those who want to listen to CI interviews are the 39 podcast interviews by August Jackson over the years. That's on my list to listen to gradually since most of them are one hour long. Would that our profession were positioned to be on TED with those short crisp videos!







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