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Return on Intelligence: Which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are you using to translate the Business Issues (Key Intelligence Topics) into real value for the company?

Starting from the Business Issue (Key Intelligence Topic) I´m using Enablers like Feedback, Time, Quantitative and Qualitative Measurements to define KPIs that can then be monitored and compared over time.

As an easy example: If your KIQ is "how to increase sales opportunities" you can define the enabler as Sales Opportunities and the KPIs can be defined as "number of opportunities", "costs/opportunity", "value/opportunity" e.g. In other cases and for other KIQs you have to use more qualitative KPIs like "Feedback-Level" or "Timeliness".

I am interested which KPIs the Intelligence community is using, and am looking forward to your feedback!

Best Johannes

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