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Should CI take the lead on EB or should it stay with HR, Strategy and Marketing?

Employer Branding (EB) is one of the fastest growing business tools today, how company's potential employees view your company, how your current employees feel about your company is critical to success in todays world. Recruitment is nearly non existant its all about attraction, the ones with the best EB strategy's attract and retain the best talent, but EB is now more than just the HR component, strategy teams know how important the people component of their corporate strategy is and we all know how valuable marketing are but not as team leaders otherwise it all becomes about the creative and placement. The more I work within EB projects the more I ask myself why CI aren't more involved and more imporantly why isn't someone from CI in the senior management team for EB. What is your experience with EB and do you think CI should take more of a lead role in EB?

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