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"Six Days to Delivery" CI Case Study and Complete August Jackson Commentaries

August Jackson and I recently completed a project around a competitive intelligence case study that I wrote (it has been published serially in the Competitive Intelligence Magazine of SCIP).

The case study, "Six Days to Delivery", follows a CI team that is responding to an urgent senior management assignment to figure out what a competitor, Acme Technologies, might be up to. There are twists and turns, political and organizational issues and the everyday challenges of completing an analysis to develop recommendations in a compressed time.

August graciously agreed to read each installment as they were published and comment on what the characters were doing. Sometimes he agreed with their approaches and other times August pointed out what they might have done better. All six of his commentaries and the complete case study are included in this file.

Additionally, August and I completed six podcast interviews to expand on what was written. The links to each podcast are included in the file and can be found at the CI Cases Blog.

I know that August and I would enjoy the contributions of others. If you read the case and would like to add your view (or disagree with August's), simply add your comments to the blog entry. Our goal is to increase public discussions of competitive intelligence problem solving approaches.

Finally, though I have thanked August privately for his generous contribution, let me add a public "thank you" for his help.

Tom Hawes

JTHawes Consulting
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Hi, Tom,

This impressive piece of work is really helping me understand some of the issues CI professionals face. I'm currently working through the podcasts. Might have some questions later...

Kind regards,


Thanks for your comments and I hope that the case and August's commentary are useful. BTW, if you visit the CI Case Study blog, you can also see commentary from Ellen Naylor. It is helpful to compare the commentaries because the problem solving differences between August and Ellen are quite instructive.

After you finish the podcasts, I would love to get your summary observations and opinions.



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