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The Art of Comparison: Using Comparisons to Guide Competitive Positioning and Sales Strategies

As people, we make conscious and unconscious comparisons every day as we try to navigate the world and figure out what is the “best” thing for us. This process happens for everything from figuring out what to eat, to determining what we want or need to buy.
While this process is not complex, it can be very powerful if understood properly.
When creating a product, marketing message, or a sales strategy, the individuals who are in tune with this process and who can tailor their message to this comparison process will end up being the marketing and sales people who are more effective in their task.
The need to compare things arises from having some problem that needs to be solved or some decision that needs to be made. Once that problem or need is identified, we then begin to classify similar solutions and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as well as the benefits and costs of the things that seem most important.
This same process can be applied in reverse to develop strong positioning messages and sales strategies. When you have mastered this “art of comparison,” you’ll find that it enables you to become a more successful CI analyst, marketer, or sales person.
If you're interested in learning more, please see the attached PDF.

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