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Tim Powell: The future of the intelligence profession

With a rapidly changing world, more and more organizations are hiring dedicated analysts to understand what’s next. Intelligence professionals are a hot commodity for both companies and governments in the years to come. That’s why the Competitive Futures Podcast is turning to our friend and colleague Tim Wood Powell, the CEO of New York City’s The Knowledge Agency, to tell us about the past and future of this most important discipline.

In this insightful interview, Tim tells us:

* Why Teddy Roosevelt’s antitrust laws made competitive intelligence necessary

* How most quantative management is “predicting the past”

* Why modern intelligence is a question of data vs. analysis

* The ways intelligence professionals are often at odds with senior management

* That getting beyond competitors is the next level of competitive analysis

With forty years of intelligence and decision making, Tim has insightful ideas about where the whole profession is headed. Enjoy.

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Fantastic discussion guys - really enjoyed it. Also, just discovered the incredible Competitive Futures Podcast app on the Apple iOS App Store - got it for iPhone, but I'm using it on iPad mostly - to stream your interviews and have to say, it's the best two bucks I've spent on an app since Angry Birds!
I agree, excellent discussion!
Really glad you guys liked the podcast. In a world of transformation change, there needs to be professionals ready to help make good decisions that affect us all. I hope this means all of us who read this site.

Next up on the podcast is Mr Arik Johnson, so we'll deepen these ideas even further.
Shall be consuming the file on an early train ride tomorrow then tweeting handsomely!


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