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Unique Doctorate thesis about the competitor study activity of small enterprises

Dear all, I would like to draw your attention to the publication of my Doctorate thesis about the competitor study of small enterprises - one of the almost forgotten subjects in Competitive Intelligence. There are quite a few publications (often quantitative studies, and some qualitative work too) about the CI practices of medium and especially large firms, but what is that small enterprises do, and more importantly, why do they do this, and do they benefit from it? I have studied 7 small Dutch business-to-business enterprises, and I have discovered a quite important - and hitherto fully unknown - relationship of their competitor study activities and their relative (strong, weak) relative competitive market positions. If you are interested, please go to

and let me know what you think of the outcomes of my work, which include 3 different sets of best practices, written for small enterprises that want to start or improve their CI work.

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Thank you Arie.

That is a very relevant research topic/book. I just wrote a very brief note on my blog about it.

Isabel S.

Dear Isabel, please send your email address to ; I am more than happy to send you the book's abstract as well as its contents list. The additional information will enable you to complete your blog (thank you for that!). Furthermore, please note that the book is available in the English language only, contrary to some descriptions on a few online bookstores. Since the book is published by VDM Publishers, a German publisher, some bookstores automatically assume that the book is in German. It is not; it is the full English text of a 9 (!) year Doctorate study I wrote for the Kingston University near London in the United Kingdom.


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