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Aggregated List of FREE CI Webinars [SLA CI Division sponsored or members speaking]

AIIP Wednesday, February 19, 2014 11am - Noon

Identifying & Valuing Your Transferable Skills: From Prospect Research to Competitive Intelligence

SLA CID Thursday, February 20, 2014 1- 2 pm

Applying Peter Drucker's Principles To The Future Of Your Organization

SLA CID Thursday, February 27, 2014 1pm - 2 pm

What's The Big Deal About Big Data?

SLA LMD Friday, February 28, 2014 2:30 - 3:30 pm

Influencing Leadership Using Competitive Intelligence [ZENA]

SLA CID Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Noon - 1pm

Buying & Selling Information

SLA CID Thursday, April 3, 2014 Noon - 1pm LIVE ONLY – NO REPLAY OR SLIDES SHARED

Billion-Dollar Surprises: How & Why Business War Games Pay Off

SLA CID Thursday, April 17, 2014 Noon - 1pm

State (& State-of-the-Art) of CI in Emerging Markets: BRICS - India


Link pending, programming pdf at

SLA CID Thursday, May 22, 2014 Noon - 1pm

SLA Conference Preview - CI Division - SAVE THE DATE

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A few pieces missing/pending - but update to replays / slides

Past Webinars & Conference Presentations

January 30, 2014 Using Competitive Intelligence to Build Leadership Capability- Zena Applebaum Intelligence & Intranet Manager Bennett Jones LLP
REPLAY                                                          SLIDES similar to
SPEAKER // @ZAppleCI //

December 3, 2013 State (& State-of-the-Art) CI/KM Emerging Markets: BRICS- Latin America – Alexandre Del Rey Market Intel Mgr, Voith Hydro
REPLAY                                                                                                   SLIDES
November 12, 2013 Librarians as Intelligence Analysts
REPLAY                                                          SLIDES
October 24th Assessing & Communicating the Value of Competitive Intelligence – Jan P. Herring, Herring & Associates
REPLAY                                           SLIDES

September 17th 60 Apps Updated – Scott Brown, Library Services Manager, Qualcomm & Owner, Social Information Group
REPLAY                                                            SLIDES
SPEAKER // @socialinfo // &

August 22nd Essential Dozen Analysis Methods Info Pros Need Support Organization's CI Efforts – Dr. Craig S. Fleisher Chief Learning Officer Aurora
REPLAY {syncing issue}                 SLIDES
SPEAKER // @CraigFleisher // &

July 11th US Legislative/Regulatory Monitoring Competitive & Market Intelligence – Peggy Garvin Owner Garvin Information Consulting
REPLAY                                                          SLIDES
SPEAKER form // @garvinfo // &

Annual Conference
Go Beyond Google: Gathering Competitive Intelligence SLIDES form #MichelB2 #sean_campbell
Librarians as Intelligence Analysts  SLIDES
Favorite CI Analytic Tools that Deliver Value SLIDES workbook/team exercise - request #ChrisHote #FredWergeles #CraigFleisher #MichelB2
Optimizing Your CI Collection: Where PubINT Meets HumINT  SLIDES :#MGediman #EllenNaylor
SPOTLIGHT: Practitioner Picks: Best CI Techniques Legal Science & Finance SLIDES #CraigFleisher #JohnLej
SharePoint Speed Dating: Tips/Techniques Pros  SLIDES #FredWergeles #meganbuttita #C_M_Monte #NedraAllmond #mikedoane #klmcqu 

June 4th Avoiding Potholes/Landmines: How to Effectively Win Hearts & Minds C-Suite – Scott Leeb MD KM Rockefeller Foundation 
REPLAY {1st few minutes cut}     SLIDES
SPEAKER // @zephyr2 // &

May 23rd Getting Maximum Value Out Tradeshows – An “Intelligence” Approach– Dr Jonathan Calof Prof International Business & Strategy & Co-leader Business Analytics U- Ottawa Telfer School Management // REPLAY {1st few minutes cut} & SLIDES TBD
SPEAKER // @ciforesight // &
April 30th Getting In-Depth CI Private Companies – Sean Campbell Co-owner Cascade Insights
REPLAY                                                            SLIDES form
SPEAKER // @sean_campbell // &

March 13th CI for Law Firms: Roadmap Success - Zena Applebaum Intelligence & Intranet Manager Bennett Jones LLP w/ Mark Gediman Information Services Director Best Best & Krieger LLP               REPLAY                                              SLIDES
SPEAKER S Zena // @ZAppleCI // &
Mark // @MGediman //
February 27th Improve Your Collection Skills through Interviewing & Elicitation – Ellen Naylor Business Intelligence Source
REPLAY                                                               SLIDES 
SPEAKER // @EllenNaylor // &

January 29th Skeptical Knowledge Seeking – Cynthia Lesky President Threshold Information
REPLAY                                             SLIDES
SPEAKER // @Threshinfo // &

PRE-2013 Webinars & Conferences: [check if any links expired...]


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