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In planning its upcoming programming year, SCIP Wisconsin is looking for ideas for a full-day training, professional development session at Lambeau Field. Who would you want to learn from? Who would you pay to hear speak?

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Is Brett Favre out of the running?
Brett who? But seriously, Eric, you're well respected in the field, do you have any ideas for a speaker/professional development? If so, we'd appreciate it!


Arik Johnson,

Brad Ashton.

Walter Kiechel.

Daniel Pink.

Roger Martin.

Thank you, Dr. Fleisher. Great ideas - and I do appreciate you taking the time to reply. 


This past Thur, I helped prepared a presentation to our local chapter about how one gets into CI. A colleague talked about his career in the private sector, I prepared some ideas on education and the lack of CI-specific programs at many universities, including Wisconsin. If you've a moment, check out the sage advice in slide #6 (attached).


Thanks again. - Brian 


Hi Brian: That is pretty astute advice, even now, nearly 8 years after I wrote it.It has long amused/frustrated (etc.) me that we never really developed any respected CI degrees, majors, or concentrations in top 40 MBA programs and their ilk. I have been teaching execs and MBA students in the field for 20+ years, and many of my students have gone on to very successful careers doing/using the CI they learned in my courses. I know CI can be taught, I know it can be learned, and I know it can make a difference. Having said that, until we make a significant break-through in the learning, training and development (LT&D) side of CI, we will be struggling with more of the same, as you have aptly noted.


I hope you get some great speakers, but you may need to position your invites as being broader than CI since it may require you to explain what it (i.e., CI, SCIP) is and why you are inviting them to a SCIP Wisconsin event!

You are having it at Lambeau Field?  See if you could get the Packers director of video operations to speak.  NFL teams have slick intelligence programs to slice up and tag game tape; the US military is actually using some of the technology developed by NFL programs to handle its deluge of video from UAVs.


related reading:

Prior to the Snap: How the NFL’s Hyperformance Strategy Safeguards ..., by T.J. Waters. (PDF)


You know, that whole competitive scouting program idea is something I'd travel and pay to see! Especially a peek inside the kimono of the best team in football ;-)
Good idea. It's hard to imagine Ted Thompson in a kimono, though...
In 2003, we had Coach Bill Walsh as the key note speaker at the conference and it was very interesting to understand how the teams use CI to anticipate what other teams would do and the contingency plans they make for each play.  Seriously good talk.
I remember that one (Anaheim?) great speech!
Thanks for the idea, Melanie. How I wish I could have seen Coach Walsh. Great man, great leader.
Thanks, Trip. Great suggestion - really interesting. And especially apropos for our venue.


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