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Hi all.

(Reposting this to discussion rather than wall so people can add comments..).

1. I've written a new blog post I'd be interested in hearing peoples thoughts on. The post is targeted at those looking to engage CI and helping them to think about their key questions and requirements before they engage with CI
The post is In CI - better answers start with better questions

2. I'm looking to do a post on the what people think are the key attributes of a good CI manager or analyst, as well as the best thing about working in CI. (I'm hoping to cross-post this to a friends career coaching / career change blog to help raise awareness of CI as a career option)

If you're willing to share your thoughts, let me know. Happy to chat via email, Skype or even in person for those in Sydney.

3. One last bit of self-promotion :-) I'm looking for more people to join my blog as authors/contributors. The blog currently discusses CI as well as providing commentary on technology, telecoms,media & current affairs - however I'm open to other topics too. If you're looking for somewhere to hone your writing skills whilst still utilising your analytical skills - get in touch.

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New blog post "Kaggle, Competitions and Competitive Intelligence" - why CI professionals should be paying attention to prediction markets and idea competition markets.


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