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The Competitive Intelligence Division is offering 3 different workshops at the SLA Annual Meeting in Chicago at the McCormick Place Convention Center/Hilton Chicago on Saturday, July 14th and Sunday, July 15th.

1.       Start your Saturday morning by attending Toni Wilson’s “Creative Collection to Support the Seven Essential CI Tasks” from 8 am-Noon. Room: TBA.

Description: You will learn how to identify lesser known and recently available sources specific to your collection needs, use fee-based and free Web sources that are unique, and employ database and Web search tools and techniques to collect relevant information with efficiency.  With today's emphasis on cost efficiency, it's important to remain nimble and up to date. If you support CI in your organization or are in a CI function, this workshop will give ideas and sources to take back and use immediately upon your return from the conference.

About the Speaker: Toni Wilson, Principal Consultant & Educator of MarketSmart Research Services, and a well-known industry expert in CI source collection, leads an interactive course on unique sources, databases, and Web search to speed up and increase collection value. Wilson has over 25 years of experience, both as a consultant and as a corporate intelligence professional at LexisNexis. For more information about Toni, please visit her LinkedIn page at:

2.       On Saturday afternoon, join Craig McHenry, Senior Director, Competitor Insights at Pfizer, as he speaks about “Information Collection and the Impact of Technology” from 1 pm-5 pm. Room: TBA. Co-sponsor: SLA’s Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Division

Description: If you are currently in–competitive intelligence in the pharmaceutical, health care or medical technology industries, this workshop is designed to meet your needs.  Technology is changing many aspects of the life sciences industry and also the way CI in these business categories is performed.  This workshop will enable you to understand current and upcoming research tools and how they will affect research, intelligence, collaboration, analysis and reporting.  Included are topics such as social platform impact, software and system technologies, analysis tools, impact on operating models, the advent of automated detection, assessment and response, automated analysis and discovery of strategies, and the effect on communications and productivity.  As part of the workshop, you will participate in an interactive scenario-building exercise to envision how these new technologies will affect how you work in the future. Attending this workshop will ensure that you and your organization can make the transition effectively.

About the Speaker: Currently part of Pfizer, Craig began his career in pharmaceuticals when he joined Wyeth (formerly American Home Products Corporation) in 1991. He started in Global Business Development and Licensing before moving on to manage a secondary research function called Commercial Research Analysis. He also has experience in Marketing Research where he spent two years directing oncology and hematology market research in the Wyeth BioPharma business unit. Since early in his career at Wyeth, Craig has been involved with competitive intelligence. In 1993, Craig played a key role in forming the first Business and Competitive Intelligence function, which has evolved over the years into the current group that he directs, Competitor Insights. The CI group provides intelligence consulting, expertise, and oversight to brand teams, new product groups, and Senior Management. Prior to joining Wyeth, Craig spent five years at Unisys and holds a M.A. in Computer Science Ed and is a graduate from the Gilead-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence. For more information about Craig, please visit his LinkedIn page at

3.       On Sunday afternoon, attend Scott Brown’s “Social Media Techniques for Info Pros” from 1pm-5pm. Room: TBA

Description: Social tools are changing the landscape of competitive information gathering.  As a business and competitive researcher, learn which social media tools will give you the best company and industry information.  See how to complement traditional resources for business and company information by the effective use of social media tools, such as LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter feeds, social networking groups and other specialized search tools.  This is a hands-on workshop that will help you think differently about these resources and unlock their true potential.  Bring your laptop and an organization or company you would like to research and be prepared to be surprised by what you find!

About the Speaker: Scott Brown is a leading expert on social media and author of Social Sleuthing: Finding Competitive and Business information Using Social Media Tools, and owner of Social Information Group. For more information about Scott, visit his LinkedIn page at

Pricing: For each workshop, $199.00 SLA Member/ $99.00 Student Member/ $299.00 Non-Member




Please follow instructions on the registration form. For Workshops only, please complete the 1) Registration Information; 3) Additional Fee Conference Events; and 4) Total Amount Enclosed sections. FYI: you do not have to register for the SLA annual meeting to attend these workshops. You can register only for the Workshops. Hilton Chicago is located at 720 Michigan Ave.

Hope to see you there!


Barbara Fullerton, Chair

CI Division


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