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Creative Collection to Support Seven Essential CI Tasks  Instructor: Toni Wilson, MarketSmart Research. A well known industry expert in CI source collection leads an interactive event on unique sources, databases, &  web search to speed up & increase collection value. Toni Wilson has over 25 years of experience, both as a consultant & corporate intelligence professional at Lexis Nexis. You will learn to identify lesser known & recently available sources specific to your collection needs, how to use fee based & free web sources that are unique, & how to employ database & web search tools & techniques to collect relevant information with efficiency. In today's cost efficient environment it's important to remain nimble & up to date. If you support CI in your company or are in a CI function, this workshop will give you ideas & sources to take back & use immediately on your return from the conference. 

Pharma CI & Information Collection & Impact of Technology  Instructor: Craig McHenry, Pfizer Inc. If you are currently in CI -  in the pharmaceutical, healthcare or medical technology industries -- this is a workshop designed to meet your needs. Technology is changing many aspects of the life sciences industry...and the way CI in these business categories is performed. This workshop will enable SLA members to understand current & upcoming research tools & how they will impact research, intelligence, collaboration, analysis & reporting. Includes topics such as social platform impact, software & system technologies, analysis tools, impact on operating models, the advent of automated detection, assessment & response, automated analysis & discovery of strategies, & the effect on communications & productivity. As part of the workshop you will participate in an interactive scenario building exercise to envision how these new technologies will affect how you work in the future.   Attending this workshop will ensure that you & your company can make the transition effectively. 

Social Media Techniques for Information Pros  Instructor: Scott Brown, Social Information Group. Scott Brown, a leading expert on social media, leads this hands-on workshop. His book, "Social Sleuthing: Finding competitive & business information using social media tools"  will be published in 2012. Social tools are changing the landscape of competitive information gathering. As a business & competitive researcher, learn which social media tools will give you the best company & industry information. See how to complement traditional resources for business & company information by the effective use of social media tools, such as Linkedin, blogs, Twitter feeds, social networking groups & other specialized search tools. This is a hands-on workshop that will help you think differently about these resources & unlock their true potential. Bring your laptop & a company you would like to research & be prepared to be surprised by what you find! 

Come Meet CID! Networking Event  Come learn more about the Competitive Intelligence Division! Let's network for a bit & then head out for authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza at Lou Malnati's!

Using Scenario Analysis to Predict Future of Semantic Web  Speakers: August Jackson, Mosi Systems; Emily Rushing, Haynes & Boone LLP . The semantic web is a set of technologies that will change the Internet & web as we know them. Scenario analysis is an established method for strategic planning in uncertain situations. In this session we'll develop four distinct scenarios for the future of the semantic web. We'll apply proven methods & identify the developments & milestones that will tell us which of our scenarios are most likely to come to pass. From these scenarios we'll predict the semantic web's implications for news media, social networking, location-based services, search & telecommunications. This session will be a must-attend for anyone interested in the semantic web or any of the industries that are likely to be disrupted by this emerging technology. Attendee level: intermediate

Collaborative Insights  Speakers: Amy Affelt, Compass Lexecon; Arik Johnson, Aurora WDC - Centre for Organizational Reconnaissance; Mary Talley, Talley Partners; Barbara Fullerton, Morningstar. A collaborative session co-developed by SLA divisions CID, KM, BF & Pharma.  As competitive intelligence & information management evolve, collaboration can lead to better results.  Speakers will address how to develop insights through collaboration from different perspectives.

Pharma Chatter: Capturing & Managing Non-traditional Info for C... Intelligence Cafe  Speakers: Craig McHenry, Pfizer Inc. Learn about the unique nature of competitive intelligence in the pharmaceuticals industry & hear how info pros are using it to improve their organizations' competitive advantage. Learn how insights from a variety of sources can help you to deliver value to your organization.

Patent Research 101: Evolving Role of Competitive Intelligence in Legal Marketplace  Speakers: Zena Applebaum; Nathan Rosen, Morrison & Foerster; Toni Wilson, MarketSmart Research. How law firm librarians can morph their skills & services to provide a competitive advantage. Topics to be addressed include: legal issues specific to law firms, examples of law firm CI, training recommendations, & adding value through CI.

Competitive Intelligence Division Open House & Business Meeting  Join the CID for our second annual Open House featuring snacks, drinks & "edutainment". Open to all SLA members. PK Tourney?   

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Cross-Cultural CI  Speakers: Dr. France Bouthillier, School of Information Studies, McGill University; Dr. Andrew Dillon, School of Information & Professor of Information, Psychology & Risk & Operations Management; Tao Jin, Louisiana State University; Dr. Craig S. Fleisher, Aurora WDC. Competitive intelligence (CI) practices are being adopted by more organizations throughout the world, increasing interest in the diversity, differences & commonalities in CI practices to foster both competitiveness & cooperation among firms & government agencies. In this session, the presenters will describe & discuss differences & commonalities in CI practices across a number of countries & trends in new programs to explore the demand & requirements for stronger intelligence education.

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: 60 Apps in 60 Minutes Redux: Next 60 Apps You Ne...  Speakers: Scott Brown, Social Information Group; Joe Murphy, Yale University; Anna Shallenberger, Targeted Knowledge. This session was an SRO event in 2011, so we're bringing it back. It will expand to include international apps for librarians & information pros as well as updates on the best apps for competitive information, productivity, business, entertainment, communications, social networks, lifestyle, & fun.

Keys Competitive Intelligence Success  Speakers: Jan P. Herring, President of Herring & Associates; Anne Herron, VP of Allis Information Management; Dr. Marta S. Weber, Principal at Applied Behavioral Sciences. This session has a surprise ending. Our very experienced panel of experts will walk you through the key elements for CI success for CI professionals & info pros who use or support CI. We go from KITS, to reporting, to key roles, to basic alerting systems -- & finally instruction on profiling your internal clients from Dr. Marta Weber who uses behavioral profiling to help governments & organizations assess leaders.

Competitive Intelligence Division No-Host Dinner  Meet in the lobby of the Chicago Hilton at 7:00 p.m. under the Got CI sign! Please join the Competitive Intelligence Division for a fine dining experience at a unique restaurant in downtown Chicago. 

Favorite CI Analytic Tools that Deliver Value  Speakers:  Claudia Clayton; Craig S. Fleisher, Aurora WDC; Fred Wergeles, Fred Wergeles & Associates LLC. Your S VP of Marketing comes to you with a request for information on your top 3 competitors’ products, services & marketing plans. You are able to collect a significant amount of information, but how do you organize the data & make sense out of it all? This discussion will highlight is 3-4 analytical tools & techniques Information Professionals can use to gain additional insight from the information they have collected. Using real-life case studies, the presenters will demonstrate a variety of analytical tools that can provide decision makers with a keener understanding of your industry, markets, competitors & future business environment. The presenters will provide “analytical templates” that can be used to organize, evaluate & assess the information, & provide guidance to the attendees on when & how to apply the techniques.

Skeptical Knowledge-Seeking: Business Research in the Age of 'Truth...  Speakers: Cynthia Lesky of research firm Threshold Information. Is the trustworthiness of business news changing? Given the decline in resources devoted to investigative reporting in the mainstream media, is business reporting also deteriorating? Are corporate spin, “truthiness” & flat-out errors of fact more common? Using insights from her own work & from conversations with business journalists, explores how business news is changing & how this fact challenges & potentially rewards researchers & information analysts. Attendees are invited to bring examples of inaccurate business news stories from their own work.


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