Competitive Intelligence

Tactical, Operational & Strategic Analysis of Markets, Competitors & Industries

Other 2012 topics have included:


2011: Researching Privately Held Companies: Information Sources & Tec... / Integrating With Sales & Marketing To Capture & Deliver Int... / Best Practices For CI Collaboration & Creating Value / Mining The Deep & Hidden Web / Dispelling Myths About CI / Extreme Makeover: CI Edition 

2010: InfoCitizen: Creating & Finding Value In Online Communities / Intelligence Early Warning Systems: Beyond Monitoring / Competitive Intelligence Transitions For LIS Professionals / Planning Competitive Intelligence Effort / Delving Beyond The Published Record: Market Research &  KM


2009: Incorporating CI into Your Services: Real Life Examples from Legal ... / Expert Databases: Leveraging for Success / Skills For Effective CI Professional / CI & Government Librarian / Libraries & Competition: Intelligence Management & Strategy / Lies, Damned Lies, Annual Reports: Reading & Interpreting Co Fi...


2008: Making of a CI Professional / Champagne Taste on Beer Budget: Effective CI Little Guy /What’s All the Buzz About Social Networking Applications? 

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