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An Interview with Seena Sharp: Wrestling Singlets and Prison Phones – Competitive Intelligence Case Studies You Need to Read

Seena Sharp is a leading expert on Competitive Intelligence with thirty year’s experience advising Fortune 500 and emerging companies, globally, to make smarter decisions by transforming information into a powerful competitive advantage.

Are there any important KPI’s you think that every marketer should monitor regarding competitors?

You should be aware of anything that your competitor does that is new or different. But tracking competitors is just one piece of the puzzle.  Do not assume that your competitors are smarter. It is far more important to focus on the market place and customers.

Business isn’t a zero sum game. The focus is not on destroying or beating your competitors. You need to ask yourself what it takes for you to achieve your company goals. To be successful, recognize changing needs and new opportunities. That’s how you win!

We know that Competitive Intelligence is critical for enterprise companies, but do you think that SMB’s can benefit as well?

Sharp Market Intelligence worked in more than 200 industries, with Fortune 500 companies to startups of all sizes, and quite frankly, we do not see a difference.  Every company needs to discover the current market drivers and external forces. You must resonate with customers whether you are B2B, B2C, or a nonprofit. If you give customers what they want, they will buy from you.

Now for the fun part. Can you share a few of your favorite case studies for over the years?

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