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Competitive Intelligence: How to Analyze Competitors’ Social Strategy and Easy Steps to Improve Yours

The hard evidence of social media’s influence on brand loyalty continues to become more staggering. From B2B Twitter users driving traffic to social media’s positive ratings for trust (According to a Forrester, 72% of customers trust online opinions as much as they trust their own friends and family), social media is a powerful engagement and sales tool for all companies.

Social Media can be an equally powerful Competitive Intelligence tool. Whether you want to discover who your competitors are targeting (LinkedIn), learn their new product features (Twitter), or observe their updated marketing efforts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vine), social media can help you gather a variety of intelligence to inform your own strategies.

Perhaps you are just starting out with competitive intelligence and are curious to know the very first steps: where you should be gathering CI, what data you should specifically be searching for, and what this data means for you. We have you covered, and have included some easy steps for how you can improve your social media strategy along the way.


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