Competitive Intelligence

Tactical, Operational & Strategic Analysis of Markets, Competitors & Industries

I. Assessment of Strategies

A. Focused Differentiation
B. Best Cost
C. Differentiation
D. Low Cost
E. Focused Low Cost
F. Market Skimming
G. Market Penetration
H. Related Diversification
I. Unrelated Diversification
J. Backward Integration
K. Forward Integration
L. Horizontal Integration

II. Consumer Perceptions

A. Negative Moment of Truth
B. Positive Moment of Truth
C. Usage
D. Attitude
E. Image
F. Market Segmentation
G. Customer Satisfaction
H. Brand Recall
I. Purchase Decision
J. Brand Association
K. Value Creation
L. Lifestyle
M. Personality
N. Product Attributes
O. Country of Origin

III. Current Operations

A. Value Chain Analysis
B. Benchmarking Analysis
C. Five Force Analysis
D. Brick & Click Strategy

IV. Competitor Capabilities

A. OODA Loop
B. Offensive Maneuvers
C. Defensive Maneuvers
D. Flanking Maneuvers
E. Guerilla Maneuvers

V. Evaluation of Market Life Cycle

A. Market Crystallisation
B. Market Expansion
C. Market Fragmentation
D. Market Consolidation
E. Market Dissolution

VI. Service Triangle Interplay

A. Service Strategy
B. Systems & Procedures
C. People of the Organisation
D. Service Strategy - Customer - People of the Organisation
E. Systems & Procedures - Customer - People of the Organisation
F. Systems & Procedures - Customer - Service Strategy
G. Service Strategy - Systems & Procedures - People of the Organisation

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Advisor, Corporate Risks

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