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Strategic Inflection Points - Glassware

Glass designers have perfected the arts of pressing, layering, engraving and staining.

1. Wine glass - 1900 This elegant wine glass may have been made by the Belgian firm Val Saint Lambert. Around its surface, an interwoven pattern of tendrils forms an almost abstract pattern.

2. Wine glass and decanter - 1910 Produced in Austria or Bohemia, this wine glass and decanter feature a beautifully coloured leaf motif in yellows, browns, and pinks, with gilded outlines. The classic geometric proportions of the long stem on the glass are echoed in the neck of the decanter.

3. Decanter - 1920 Designed by Harald Nielsen and manufactured by Georg Jensen Solvsmedie, this decanter has a silver stopper and a stand. the intricate detail of the silver vines, fruit, and pods contrasts well with the heavy glass.

4. Embassy glasses - 1939 These glasses - for water, champagne, and cordial - were designed by Edwin Fuerst and Walter Dorwin Teague for the 1939 New York World's Fair, and made by Libbey Glass Co. The stem resembles a classical column, remaining the same height for each of the glasses.

5. Theme Formal goblets - 1950s While Rullel Wright's products were typically informal and inexpensive, they always displayed an innovative use of material and form. His Theme Formal goblets are decorated with bands of blue and orange.

6. Decanter and glass - 1953/59 This highly textured olive green decanter and glass set was produced by the Swedish company Boda. The designer, glassware and metalworker Erik Hoglund, adopted a mould-blown technique to create a relief pattern featuring human figures on the surface of the glass.

7. Maaru glasses - 1980 Tapio Wirkkala'a glassware is renowned for its organic form and fine surface decoration. This set was made at the Iittala glassworks in Finland.

8. Calici Natale goblet - 1990 For centuries, the tiny Venetian island of Murano has been famous for its glassmaking. This elegant goblet was produced there by the Carlo Moretti Studio. Its long deep bowl has a finely textured surface and rests on a blue base.

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