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We Are Seriously Running Out of Bad Guys – Intelligence Agencies and Regulators Run Amuck - By Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow


You know we have a serious problem with run-away government in that we have too few bad guys and too many enforcement folks. Seriously, it's a huge problem, just ask any small business person about all the inspectors that harass them and threaten to fine them for some ordinance, rule, or regulation. And we have far too many regulatory agencies doing exploratory type enforcement with far too many inter-agency folks, combined with too many concerned citizen groups, and too many Industry association volunteers, and lawyers.


But the problem doesn't just stop there, we have far too many Intelligence Agencies, and too many good guys chasing too few bad guys. Indeed, with our technology, it's like we don't even need them anymore, as the computer profiling algorithms scan all the data and keep catching the bad guys. Unfortunately, these systems are also creating too many false positives. How do I know all this? Because, I am in the know, and if you don't see it too, it's because you are in denial.


Worse, with all the global intelligence information share, we have foreign intelligence agencies also finding false positives and turning in Americans to our intelligence agencies. As the coordinator of an Internet style think tank, I am literally blown away by all the false inquiries we get from intelligence agency folks trying to be sneaky? I mean hey, it's nice to see them get their practice and all that, but, it would also be nice if they'd please stop wasting our time, and the American tax dollars.


What we need is better computer systems that do not spit out so many false positives. Also, when someone checks out as "Okay" well then, it's time to put them on the good-guys list. I've talked to many business people, they complain about the same things. And really if someone was an "Evil Doer" they'd be hiding within the intelligence agencies anyway, they'd be highly connected.


Data mining the Internet, and all the records now available to the government via "fusion centers" and government records is all well and good, but not if we as a nation are chasing ghosts. After all, at some point someone who is an innocent citizen is going to be framed just to justify the on-going efforts of all this non-sense. I believe that's what's been happening in fact. And unfortunately, as this is done, we seem to be creating animosity and discontent in our society, creating a self-fulfilling prophesy.


That's a problem, it's a common "group think" or mass mob mentality of paranoia, and the news media exacerbates it all as they amplify non-events into the greatest chaos and controversial catastrophe of the week. This is not healthy, and it's a real problem, we don't need to go down this road. You see, if we want this great nation to succeed, we need to get back to our roots and realize that freedom of speech, liberty, and yes, that includes online venues is why America is great.


There is far too much duplication, too many regulations, too much intelligence agency funding (Washington Post is already calling it the Intelligence Industrial Complex), and we have too many paranoid folks in our government. If we allow this to continue, we need not fear the Russian and Chinese Spies, the terrorists, or the drug cartel gangs, we need to fear our selves, and the "FEAR" that is causing it all.


Just an observation, be well my fellow Americans, and think about this from a philosophical standpoint, I think you will realize that this is a challenge we need to work on.


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