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I am interested in doing some benchmarking with companies who conduct intelligence related to product/industrial design.  If you/your company does this type of intelligence work and you would be willing to do some best practices sharing, please send me a private message.





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Wow, great topic Mel - might you be induced to post a summary of your confidential findings with the broad brush strokes of what you learn?
Could probably do that! We have already conducted a few interviews and are particularly interested in high tech and consumer products companies.
Thanks in advance - I'll send this around to the network and see what people have to say.

You are correct than to get a job in CI, particularly Strategic CI, one must possess in depth industry knowledge and the ability to provide concise analysis and recommendations to the executive audience. It is hard to break in to a CI specific role without said knowledge.

Given your background in ID specifically, it is highly likely you would be a very good fit on the technical intelligence (TI) team of one of the large tech firms like HP, IBM, Dell, Xerox, etc. I used to work on the technical benchmarking/intel team at one of those firms, and we were tasked with producing performance benchmarks, and analysis regarding the out of box experience, reliability, usability and industrial design that got fed into tactical sell against tools but also was fed to R/D to influence NPD. Of course, we interfaced with the team specifically tasked with ID to provide feedback on our findings, influence future ID, and to gather their expertise and perspective. I can provide you privately with the contact details of the hiring managers for TI at some of those firms if you wish, or of course you could start looking for companies yourself that have strong technical intelligence teams where ID is a key critical component.


Monica Nixon

Thank you so much for your insight here. This makes a lot of sense, and I'd definitely appreciate any contact details. I will begin checking out those various TI teams also.

Thanks again,

Ryan Berens
I may be able to help you. 30+ years experience in branding and product design, former president of major firm. Extensive expertise in Competitive Intelligence, competitive strategy. My clients include Fortune 500 companies, senior executives and business teams. Member SCIP. Please feel free to call.

Scott Yaw
215 598 9977
Scott: Have you done anything in the MERCOSUR (Brazil and the spanish speaking markets that surrounds it)?

Regads, Nick
Hi Melanie,

I used to work on the technical intelligence/benchmarking team at one of the world's largest MFD manufacturers and could certainly inform you on key elements of the benchmarking, tear-down, BOM process and associated output for different functional audiences as well as the Critical Success Factors and typical pitfalls.

I don't know if you still have my contact details, but if you would like some input you can reach me at 208 855 0007.

Kind Regards,
Dear Melanie,

Lets learn from the wisdom of Russians:


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