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Hello all,

I thought I would ask your opinions about a service that I found recently.

The Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) is a service that collects procurement spend data of various US Federal Government authorities, and makes the data available for research purposes free on their website. FPDS is run by the US General Services Administration. (See link at the end of my post)

The FPDS data reveals how much money a specific federal government authority spent from the US federal budget with a specific supplier in a specific year. The data also reveals what products or services it bought with that money. In other words, who bought what, from whom, for how much, when and where?!

The FPDS contains data from the year 2004 until today, so it enables building spend profiles of various government authorities, or conversely, a track record of sales to the federal government of various suppliers.

  • Have you got any experience from using the FPDS data for business intelligence purposes?
  • Can you elaborate on any specific KIT:s for which you found answers using federal procurement spend data?
  • Did you find the service useful?
  • If you haven't used it, are there any KIT:s for which you can imagine that procurement spend data could be used in the business intelligence world?


It would be interesting to hear your views on this service.


All the best,




Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) 

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