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Is anyone willing to share an example of a KIT Action Plan?

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The KIT/KIQ methodology is based around the traditional intelligence cycle; which is of course a flawed and imperfect model at its best, and completely useless at its worst. Jan Herring is a dean of the CI field – don’t get me wrong – but what he brought over from the govt side was based on intelligence management paradigms from the Cold War era.

Like I said in another forum, Stephen – I think your are going to be pressed to actually find someone using a bonafide KIT action plan. I hope I am wrong, but the intellectual Human-Centipede cultivated by SCIP/Frost has rendered most of the CI activity going on largely irrelevant.

You are probably and aberration in the CI world today, in that: your position is as dedicated CI practitioner at your firm; you have a prior intel background.

I would recommend adopting Target Models to help drive collection activity and manage the rest of the process.


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