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Need to foster intelligence sharing within organization

"Are there any incentives for sharing competitive intelligence that actually move/influence people to share?"

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Hi Rashard,

There is no one way to get people to share. You have to figure out how they're motivated, and then you can back in to how they might want to share with you.

First you have to give, and give what they need when they need it. There has to be something in it for them to cooperate.

I see you're in science. A colleague at HP needed to get cooperation from technical analysts, and figured out a value proposition that was highly successful. He needed what they knew. They did not get air time with the company's leadership which my colleague could provide. He would have a contest for the top tip and the winner would get to present in front of the company's leadership. This led to a few promotions of technical analysts over time, so there was hot competition to participate and win this contest. My colleague went a step further to help these analysts: he taught them how to present since they didn't have that experience as technical analysts, so they came across better to management. 

I preach cooperative intelligence and here is an introductory article to give you some ideas about motivating others so share. Others are here

Good luck,


Hi Ellen,

You are certainly an authority in this area. Thanks very much for your feedback. I look forward to reading what you've shared.

Best regards,


Hello Rashard:

Incentives need to be matched to your people and processes. Both recognition nd rewards can be effective, and I've seen many of them used in my experience. Among other things, ones that really work help people understand the important role they play for the business in sharing, "close the loop" (help people know what happened to the info they shared), and are always authentic.

My Aurora colleague Rich Loomis and I presented a stimulating session on this just last week at the Pharma CI meetings. We called our topic Recon+G2 and showed how companies could use this model to motivate their workforce to become capable to better leverage their networks. I'd be happy to send you a copy of or presentation if you want one. If so, please send me a direct request.

Sincerely, Craig

Hi Craig,

Thank you very much for your feedback. Recognition seems to be a reoccurring theme in my research into intelligence sharing best practices. Coincidentally I am reading Business and Competitive Analysis: Effective Application of New and Classic Methods. Its been a solid learning foundation for me as I am heading a new CI function within my company (and we need to get up to speed fairly quickly).

Competitive intelligence is a foreign concept to many in my company and its been my task, in part, to try to break the mold of our 'silo' culture to help everyone understand the importance of competitive intelligence, and more importantly begin to share it and incorporate it into decision-making. Setting up a well-structured intelligence network will be vital to that task (hence my search for best practices). To that end, I would very much like to see your Recon+G2 presentation. I will send a request via your Aurora email.

Many thanks,



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