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Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong (TED Talk) 


An entire CI related ‘mind map’ could be drawn from this ‘Talk’.


For now I’ll just ‘push’ for the simple single point of how challenging Intelligence work can be.


What other CI ‘take away’ would you get from this ‘Talk’?

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Hi  Miguel


Thank you for this.  It is an excellent video - very insightful. Has a lot to say about the way we think and approach CI.  It does remind me of the amount of times in delivering CI reports, we were judged as being wrong by our clients!  And yes sometimes we were wrong!


Thank you again for sharing.

At all! Glad you liked it!

Great inputs as well.

Another insight I got from this excellent video has to do with how ‘mindsets’ are defined so early in our life’s and reinforced along the way.

No wonder we, as social animals, tend to rely so much in what we know, go after what we tend to believe we know best or is less uncertain, hence limiting from the beginning any percipient need of intelligence support to our decision making process.

I just looked at this TED talk. Kathryn Schulz is an incredible speaker who really lives her message. My takeaway is that we are raised to be right, and it's a heavy cost to society, as it causes people to take fewer risks and not to hold those provocative discussions. We're afraid to be wrong.

Translating this to CI: an important part of our job is to capture what our company is doing wrong and what are competitors are doing right, and perhaps that we're not staying up with the market. Oh my, this makes people feel uncomfortable since we shake them up. On top of reporting these facts, we go the extra step and take them further out of their comfort zone when we recommend the changes that need to be made, which often "make them feel wrong."

That is why we almost need to be psychologists in our profession. We need to know decision-makers and key influencers well enough to be in touch with them to take smaller steps "to be right" and make the changes to stay competitive.

Thanks for sharing this, Miguel.


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