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last week i had a task to start my last project, but i still have no idea, any advise? suggestion or anything that could help me?

my background is web designer, and a high school teacher.

its urgent,

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Hi Nathan

It's difficult to give advice when you don't give sufficient detail on what your project is about. If it is relating to your web-design work, one thing I would recommend is that you check out your client's competitors' websites. What do they offer? How do they promote themselves? What works and what doesn't work on their sites. What keywords do they use? Who links to them? Who do they link to? Do they use Twitter / Facebook / Google+? Do they blog? 

Use all this as a guide for your client web-sites. DO NOT just copy but aim to be better than the competition. Make your web-site stand out by taking account of what the competitors don't do or do wrong. Make sure that they blog and get good links. Use social media - twitter / Facebook, etc. 

Hope this helps. If not - please let us know more! 

many thanks for you mr.arthur

social media is a great idea,

i had an idea (is it good enough or not i dont know)

i want to make an information system for the sub-district where i belong, but the aim is not to compete but to promote

i saw a lot of potential things here, but not compete enough

so the main idea is a portal to promote and attract some people who wants to.... i dont know how to say it...

make a deal, or ... (any advise? im lost)


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