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What kind of things that are very normal, and common, by most of the people today that will be considered an absurd in the future?

It's a kind of exercise that could help us to find out what, how, how much, why, when ..., could shape the world and the industries...

Could we make a list, like a brainstorming, and then cut what sounds less likely!?


I started with some sentences below, please, fill it as you wish:


  1. Treating addicted people as a criminal instead of as a sick one
  2. Killing animals to eat them (or simple eating flesh)
  3. Thinking that there is "life" after death or,
  4. Thinking that there is not "life" after death
  5. Thinking that Marx (Karl, not Groucho, ok?! ;)) was right
  6. Thinking that capitalism is forever
  7. Thinking that global warming was true
  8. ...



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8. Thinking that global warming was exaggerated or wasn't even true. 
9. Thinking that bankers multi-million $ bonuses were fairly earned & justified
10. Thinking that the pay-gap between the richest 10% and the poorest 10% was justifed
11. Thinking that the Earth's natural resources are (or aren't) sufficient for the Earth's population
12. Thinking that a trans-Ocean flight (Pacific/Atlantic...) of over 3 hours is normal
13. Fixed line telephones
14. Telephones with audio only - and no video
15. FLAT screen (i.e. 2 dimensional) TV. 3D TV will be the new normal.
 16. School books made of paper - carried in heavy school backpacks. 
17. Paperback books, printed newspapers... 
18. Mowing the lawn yourself. (Robo-mower does a better job and keeps the grass cut daily)
19. Driving your own car and having full control of the vehicle. 
20. A diagnosis of cancer being effectively a death sentence. 
21. Heart attacks being a major cause of death. 
22. Alzheimers being a problem for the elderly
23. People retiring at 65 and not working until they are 80. 
24. That a democratic government still had a death penalty on its statute book and killed criminals because of it. 


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