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Alain Juillet states that the UK and Sweden are ahead of France in terms of CI sophistication (see video from France 24, in English). Could his government led initiatives be blinding him or is he right? In any case, Europe's highest ranking CI advocate has recently stepped down. So actually this begs two questions: who is Europe's number one CI country and who is Europe's number one CI man, or woman?

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M. Alain Juilett is a very good man and if he gives credit to other European Nations, that is so wonderful.

Jamie, you are forgetting Germany. The legendary RAHAB project.

Slecting the number one CI man/woman would depend too much on selection criteria.

My Top 20 would include (in no particular order):

Monica Geise
Hans Hedin
Daniel Pascales
Andrew Beurschgens
Richard Withers
Mandy Somerfield
Rob Chisholm
Jonas Pedersen
Helen Ridge
Arjan Singh
Karl Rose
Neil Rogers
Rainer Michaeli
Dag Larsson
Anne-Marie Lang
Yves Marti
Jos Rodenberg
Chris West



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