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Hello Group Members,

The discussions in this group are very old ;) - I'd like to learn how "doing CI" / "practicing CI" in Eastern Europe today has developed since your former discussions (e.g. BI in ex-Yu) and in general may differ from doing / practicing CI in Western Europe or North America. Are there any differences at all?

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Wish you all the best for 2012 with many individual highlights and thrilling moments. :)

Best regards, Udo

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Here are some insights from an off-list response - hopefully these trigger a more lively exchange of experiences and ideas :)

- Continuous changes in the legal and financial system that require a special attention; 

- Only the big companies are presented in the public space (media) and with elliptic details. There is almost nothing available about the SME (I mean nothing important!)

- And everything is not so transparent as it is in the West. Due to the lack of important information, the CI software register limited succes. That is why the direct networking is the suitable solution.  

- Even the governments share only a few economical details. For example, it is quite complicate to conduct a market evaluation, ...

It seems that many are still on vacation :) but here is more input:


The countries closer aligned to the EU are going to become similar to Western EU countries over the next couple of years. In these countries there can be seen two developments:


1. information concerning companies is more and more transparent (as it can be so);

2. information regarding individuals is more and more protected.


In the "Far Eastern European" countries (if one can name them like that), only the networking is the right solution at the moment.


Comments? Thoughts? Experiences? Thank you for sharing!

As no one is interested in participating in this discussion, I stop it (if one can say so as there actually is nothing to stop :) ) - Anyway thank you to the Romanian colleague for his off-line input! Best wishes, Udo


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