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Building a CI Culture - FTSE 100 Company Case Studies - Will you be joining?

Establishing a Competitive Intelligence culture within an organisation is a key element to the success of any CI practice. However it’s one of the most difficult things to bring about and is often a subject that’s largely ignored in terms of existing best practice and CI models.

This session aims to confront some of the issues and challenges facing practitioners when trying to create a CI Culture as well as examples of real-life cases from two strategic CI managers working in FTSE 100 companies, with 10 years experience between them, Lloyds Banking Group and Rolls Royce. This networking event will look at:

  • CI Culture from both an executive and organisational level
  • How these two elements interact
  • Breakout session to compile a list of best practice and ideas for creating a CI culture

As ever, there will be the opportunity for light refreshment and to engage with peers and practitioners warmly.



Suzanne Jones is a Competitive Intelligence specialist with 5 years experience. She joined Lloyds Banking Group in 2002, then HBOS, and held various roles in IT and project management before setting up the Competitive Intelligence practice in 2006.  She is responsible for providing a strategic view of the competitive context to the retail business, and has developed a framework of analysis and insight techniques to provide actionable intelligence for decision makers.  Before joining the bank Suzanne held roles at NTL and Michelin, mainly working in business analysis.


Paul Adams joined Rolls-Royce in 2007 responsible for Competitor and Market Intelligence in Rolls-Royce’s global Civil Aerospace business.  Today he is accountable for understanding the long term implications of competitor intelligence as well as other strategic projects in the Future Programmes team. Paul has also led the integration of CI across the company in an attempt to give a more coherent view of competitors’ actions and intentions.  Prior to joining Rolls-Royce Paul worked as a Business Consultant in the IT services industry and has held various other roles in the Aerospace and Defence sector.

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Clearly it did not provoke that much discussion in this forum, but the presenters' presentation is available for download from the UK Competitive Intelligence Forum's website once you register/log back in here Many issues discussed especially whether it is an 'and' 'or' in terms from the bottom up or the top down.  There are things in common between the two.  Great case study from Paul from Rolls Royce regarding the focus on future issue focus and how he got parts of the orgasnisation continually interested and engaged to deliver. Suzanne hosted an excellent interactive session to address the knowledge in the room concerning how to gain executives' attention as well as 'selling the concept'.  Could altered approach to the Rudyard Kipling poem 'If'.  We all need to sell. I have just completed a draft write up of the event and hopeful that the great folks in Alexandria will publish.....Thanks to all who attended, participated, contributed and added to the theme of 'apply next day at the ranch'. 


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