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Will You Be Sharing Insight and Inspiration? Intelligent Intelligence Career Planning Networking Event, 10th June 2010


Further to the market research that the UK Competitive Intelligence Forum has undertaken during April/May, we provide an environment to explore how people have entered, evolved in their roles and for some where is the next destination with market/competitive intelligence.  This will be complimented with discussion about emergent intelligence needs at the cutting edge of commercial intelligence and the application of CI techniques in the field.  Attendees will be walking away with answers to the following questions:

  • What is the difference between a good strategic analyst, a CI practitioner and a strategy consultant in practice?
  • Where are the organisational sweet spots for advancing your career and what could I do next?
  • If the demand is increasing considerably, why is the ‘market’ so ill-defined and fragmented?

As ever, there will be the opportunity for light refreshment and to greet peers and practitioners warmly. The participants to kick off and facilitate what promises to be a highly interactive event will be:


Julia Hordle (Chair) is a Director, Corporate Intelligence Recruitment, tfpl, a specialist in recruitment and talent management in professional support services with a specialism in the Intelligence disciplines.  She has been a contributor to UK networking for 16 years and is keen to see active market making and create more and more senior opportunities for CI practitioners. With her colleague, Ivan Radulovic, Julia is a member of the UK CIF Steering Committee.


Adrian Fry, Research Manager, Information Services, KAE Marketing Intelligence, has led competitive and market intelligence assignments for over a decade for clients across retail and corporate banking, technology and telecoms.  Adrian brings an unusual mix of client side experience to the event, since he has managed CI and Insight Services for large corporate clients across the world on a long term outsourced basis.  He works for KAE, the boutique marketing strategy consultancy based in London.


Philip Wilson, Independent Consultant & Market Strategist, is a freelance consultant with over 20 years experience in strategy consultancy, commercial due diligence and market intelligence.  He was Head of Information and Research at The Kalchas Group, a leading UK strategy consultancy, and Global Knowledge Manager at Burlington Consultants, now Deloitte UK’s M&A Strategy division.


Richard Stewart is the Founder and Managing Director, Mindbench, the specialist recruitment firm for the management consultancy sector. Richard has 10 years experience of working in consulting and recruiting for the sector from graduate to partner level. The roles include strategy consulting, research, operations improvement, change management and IT consulting.


Andrew Beurschgens, practitioner Orange, will share some of the key insights associated with the so what from the research undertaken during April/May. He is also one of the Committee Members of the UK Competitive Intelligence Forum.  He has been a recipient of the Catalyst Award for his volunteer services to the profession.


To register, please visit the UK Competitive Intelligence Forum Website

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