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In the name of the Intel Collab Development Team I have the pleasure to invite you all to the re-launch of our weekly Friday calls, from the second week of January 2011 onwards at the usual time and place – 11am EST / ‘GoToWebinar’ gently offered by Aurora WDC.

As you may all remember these calls were subject oriented and we had the chance and opportunity to have a new topic presented each week by new invitee/speaker.

For our first weekly call we are proud to present you all the outcome, so far, of an ongoing common effort by a team of members of this group – Arik Johnson, Jordan Frank, Janet Laane Effron, Valerie Shuman, Ulrich Tibaut Houzanme, Martha Matteo, Craig McHenry, August Jackson, Andrei Iordache, Dan Harris, Eric Garland, Matt Cole, Ellen Naylor, and myself - around an Intel Collab wiki/website that has been growing since last spring. We would like to invite you all to visit, explore and most important make your contributions -

We would also like to ask for your suggestions and proposals for topics and speakers along 2011. So go ahead and share with us all your most compelling topics!

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Since we formed this group more than a year ago, it has done nothing but get more exciting every day. The contributions that are now being made are nothing short of astounding, and I'd like to mention have been without a single dollar of support from any member, advertiser or entity.


I fully believe that 2011 is the year when the Intelligence Collaborative will broaden its horizons and make major contributions to the field of intelligence. 


YOU, you there, yes YOU: Come join us.

I've created a Google Moderator series to help us generate and vote on ideas for Friday Teleconference topics in the New Year - check it out and contribute at:
Hello Arik - This is very cool.  Is there any way to generate an RSS feed or something so we can follow along as suggestions come in?
Hmm... I don't see a way to generate that Valerie - though I certainly haven't done an exhaustive search on that.

Hi guys, 


Matthew White here. I have to thank Eric Garland for introducing me to this group. I look forward to contributing and sharing my Military Intelligence background to help this group achieve recognition, consistency, and, most importantly, the demand within the companies/industries we need to work as Intelligence Professionals.




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