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Surfing yesterday the Net, I've reached NETWORKED DIGITAL LIBRARY OF THESES AND DISSERTATIONS ( ) and searched for "competitive intelligence" items. There are several dozen of them, mostly in Portuguese. Unfortunately, my Portuguese is still as poor as that one which was proved in my discussion with that Brazilian woman [ , available now at , , , , ]: hence I've been satisfied founding there also a few theses and dissertations written in English, including Bernardus Johannes Odendaal's Competitive intelligence with specific reference to the challenges facing the competitive intelligence professional in South Africa ( ). Taking account of my almost ready blended learning course Information security ( ), I am going to start in the part Security devices and requirements in information preservation. Administrative, technical and physical data security ( ) the discussion Counterintelligence self-protection of a company (in Polish Kontrwywiadowcza samoobrona przedsiębiorstwa), in which pages 27-28 of Bernardus Johannes Odendaal's Master's Dissertation ( ) will fulfill an important role.

Would you please help me to apply to the blended learning course Information security ( ) also some of those CI theses and dissertations written in Portuguese?

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