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6 mantras for choosing the right offshore business research partner

There are a large number of companies offering business research services across offshore destinations like India (which is the most favoured one), Malaysia, Philippines and several others. How can you ensure that you select the right offshore research partner?

Do they have relevant expertise and experience?

To start eliminating from the long list of contenders, you can check for the ones that offer the service you are looking for. Most service providers have fairly comprehensive portfolios published on their websites; but they probably have depth in only some of the services listed. So be sure to ask how much experience they have in the services you are interested in and figure out their real USPs.

Migration teams play a critical role in the success of an offshore partnership, so check if they have processes and teams for migration in your service area.

Also, don’t forget to take a long-term view on the relationship from the outset. So assuming that the relationship will be successful, are the potential partners capable of moving up the value chain and taking on more complex research services and processes?


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