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Aurora WDC Partners with Competitive Futures to Make Organizations Future-Ready

I am delighted to announce that Aurora WDC is deepening its partnership with Competitive Futures to integrate the best professional foresight services in the world with Aurora WDC's industry leading Global Primary Research and Virtual Analyst Team intelligence capabilities. The alliance will also contribute to Aurora's new Learning, Training & Development services launching this summer under the leadership of Dr. Craig Fleisher.
Eric Garland, Competitive Futures' Managing Partner, is a visionary author and influential expert on future studies and the a.... Eric will appear in person at Aurora's booth next week in Philadelphia at the SLA 2011 conference to sign copies of his latest book, "How to Predict the Future... and what to do about it so you WIN!" The theme of SLA's conference this year is "Future-Ready" and you can read our latest contributions to that mission in SLA's daily Future Ready 365 group blogging project designed to engage SLA members and beyond in creating the future of the intelligence and information
We thought you might like to listen in on some of the highlights from a conversation I had recently with Eric, Craig Fleisher and Aurora WDC's founder and chairman, Arik Johnson. If you click the video screen above or this link, you can view the HD version of the discussion on our YouTube ....
Let me know if you have any questions about today's announcement and I hope to introduce you to Eric personally in Philadelphia next week. You can also meet Craig at the SLA Conference where he will be signing books, leading the "UnConference" session on the outlook for intelligence in the year 2020 and will serve as Master of Ceremonies at SLA's CI Division Open House, which Aurora is proudly sponsoring. Please feel free to comment, share the video with colleagues or forward the official press release below, announcing Aurora's alliance with Competitive Futures.
Meanwhile, please join me, Eric, Craig and almost 1,800 other members from more than 85 countries worldwide on the CI Ning community at and stay on top of all the latest about intelligence in business.

Derek L. Johnson

Derek L. Johnson, CFA
Chief Executive Officer
Aurora WDC
Phone: 608-850-4869

Aurora WDC Partners with Competitive Futures to Make Organizations Future-Ready
Global futures and competitive intelligence allliance will offer business leaders and decision-makers strategic foresight services, training and development advice to drive analytical fitness.

June 9, 2011 - Madison, WI

Aurora WDC announces the expansion of its strategic alliance with international trends forecasting and futures intelligence firm, Competitive Futures.
Aurora WDC, based in Madison, will offer Competitive Futures' consulting and training services to its worldwide executive clientele in concert with Aurora's Global Primary Research and Virtual Analyst Team. Competitive Futures clients will gain priority access to Aurora's industry-diverse menu of strategic intelligence research and analysis capabilities covering more than 80 countries worldwide. Shared clients will also benefit from Aurora's new learning, training and development offerings, led by the legendary scholar of intelligence analysis, Dr. Craig S. Fleisher, and focused on achieving "analytical fitness" by applying development methods similar to the techniques used by world-class coaches to prepare elite athletes for international competition.
Competitive Futures offers advice to business and government on competitive strategy, economic development and opportunity assessment to equip decision-makers with technology foresight, future customer profiling, competitive positioning and investment due diligence needed to act with greater confidence. The application of Competitive Futures professional services have grown in importance as global competition, accelerating rates of industry change and conditions of intense operational uncertainty have become the norm.
Eric Garland, Managing Partner at Competitive Futures commented, “We bring our clients the best possible information and when we need competitive intelligence, there is no finer firm than Aurora WDC in global primary research. As the firm moves in the direction of further elevating this profession through analytical training, events and media production, we could not be more excited to be official partners of Aurora.”
Aurora WDC CEO Derek Johnson added, “We’ve worked together with Eric and his team at Competitive Futures for years now to build the Intelligence Collaborative with the goal of uniting the analytical profession. As Aurora WDC moves into the vitally important intelligence education space, we are excited to partner with Competitive Futures as the world’s leading firm in training executives in the area of foresight.”
The leaders of both companies will appear together at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) conference in Philadelphia, June 12-15, where the theme of "Future-Ready" has become a central priority on the agenda of information centers, corporate libraries and strategic knowledge professionals worldwide.
About Aurora WDC:
Founded in 1995, Aurora offers clients of every kind global primary research, competitive and market analysis, monitoring and training services, software and systems consulting, counter-intelligence, integrated program development and a network of third-party solution partners to intelligence teams and their clients worldwide. For more information visit or call 800-924-4249.

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Comment by Chris Hote on June 11, 2011 at 8:36am

Great video that totally embraces the vision Digimind has about how SLA and CI can work together.

See you all at SLA.

Comment by Claudia Clayton on June 10, 2011 at 11:12am
I continue to be impressed at the ways in which AuroraWDC continues to expand and enhance its capabilities, with key industry leaders.  And as Chair of the SLA CID conference, we appreciate AuroraWDC's support!  See you at SLA ...
Comment by Ellen Naylor on June 10, 2011 at 10:37am

You all have picked some great partners lately with both Eric Garland and Craig Fleisher! See you soon at SLA 2011 in Philly!


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