Competitive Intelligence

Tactical, Operational & Strategic Analysis of Markets, Competitors & Industries

To generate Competitive Intelligence we need to get clarity of the Competitive Environment in which the organisation operates :

1. Economic Features

We need to identify and analyse the most important economic features of the industry in which the organisation operates in.

2. Competitive Forces

We need to identify and analyse multiple competitive forces which industry members are facing and assess the strength of each force

3. Changes - Competitive Intensity - Industry Profitability

We need to identify and assess forces that are driving change in the industry where the organisation operates and assess the impact of these changes on competitive intensity and industry profitability.

4. Positioning

We need to identify and assess what market positions our competitors in the industry occupy.

5. Strategic Maneuvers

We need to identify and assess what strategic maneuvers are competitors likely to make NEXT.

6. Key Success Factors

We need to identify and assess Key Success Factors for on which future competitive success of the organisation depends.

7. Industry Outlook

We need to identify and assess whether the outlook for the industry presents the organisation with suitable and feasible prospects for profitability.

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Advisor, Corporate Risks

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Comment by Vivek Raghuvanshi on November 15, 2009 at 1:11am
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Micro Environment Analysis

Here we need to understand the Interplay and Implications to the Organisation of:

1. General Economic conditions

2. Legislation and Regulations

3. Polulation Demographics

4. Societal Values and Lifestyles

5. Technology

6. Subsitution

7. Customers

8. New Entrants

9. Competitors

10. Suppliers

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