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Mr. James who was just graduated from an reputed engineering institute in telecommunication sector. He was celebrating his graduation with his family, Friends and other relatives with great gathering at near by Hotel sponsored by his father. James was excited & starting thinking to work for an IT company soon.

After few days, he visited a number of companies, organization and institutions  to drop his CVs or walk in interviews. He almost attended more than six walk in interviews and three by call. But he was not successful because of some certifications they demanded. He was shocked to hear about market demand for professional certifications like CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. Yea! you have to have experience in networking to handle switches, routers and other devices endorsed by CISCO. Okie he decided to take at least one certification CCNA, he browsed for CCNA tuition center near by  and he called the for information about course. It is like short course and a big amount to invest (spend) on this certification. After few month he successfully gained certification which he came to know is basic certification and to be present in the field and in the networking industry he needed to attended CCNP. At CCNA he got job for basic networking handling and pay was as low as he could not even cover his pocket money (Thanks to Father). Well he decided to take course CCNP after he successful trained in CCNP he got promoted in the same company. While he was working, he again started to search for better Job.

He switched the company on 10% increment as compare to salary he was at. After sometime company announced new policy for CCIE certification that was quite attractive. He started his training on CCIE even he quiet the job to pay full concentration on CCIE. After few months he heard from his ex-colleague about company's transformation plan for vendor switch. Announcement was " company is switching its equipment to new vendor Huawei". In the light of this change company requires maximum people with Huawei certified training programs.

James quick contacted his previous company that he left for salary issues. Company is still willing to provide opportunity but on the same salary he left with. Although, the situation was different he got CCNP with experience in networking troubleshooting and some CCIE.  

An other company contacted him for basic salary (far less than his expectation)  and offered free training for Juniper certification / Training. He was now little bit confused and irritated with number of vendors problems. He was now seriously thinking to switch his networking field to other IT industries like software or computer security etc.



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Comment by Alex Ziaullah Mirza on August 17, 2013 at 5:59am
Comment by Alex Ziaullah Mirza on August 16, 2013 at 1:41pm

Ohh, all answer that emailed me were not up to standard. 

Well James decided to get more information over networking like other vendors etc to get depth knowledge to do that he took a course named Tour Protocol Technology. This course covers all type of Protocols, their configuration logic, their functions and then finally implementation over various devices of different vendors. After this course he had all type of important information about vendors, their protocols functions. His knowledge has really importance for all type of emerging technology in today ICT industries.

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