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Competitive Intelligence report on Cyberwarfare with respect to Pakistan

Cyberwarfare which is known-ed to be the actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation’s computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption.

Cyber  warfare  is a  relatively  new  concept  whereby  politically  motivated  hackers  and Computer  scientists  develop  means  of  causing  disruption  or  damage  to  a  government’s  IT  system  and  network  infrastructure. There  are  various  techniques  that  fall  under cyber-warfare  such  as a  virus  or  malicious  software  (most  recent  examples  would  be  stuxnet  and  Duqu)  or  web  vandalism.    The  constant  developments  in  the  IT  world  inevitably  lead to  an  increasing  occurrence  of  cyber  warfare.    This raises  the  question  as  to  whether  it  is  more  dangerous  as  opposed  to  traditional  warfare..............for more see the link below

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