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Macro Risks of Globalisation [ Domino Effect ]

1. Retrenchment from globalisation
2. Oil & Gas spike
3. Infectious diseases in the Developing world
3. Trans-national crime and corruption
4. Chronic diseases of the Developed world
5. Middle East instability
6. Heatwaves and droughts
7. Natural catastrophy : cyclone, earthquake, extreme inland flooding
8. Interstate and civil wars
9. Fiscal crisis in advanced economies
10. Food insecurity
11. Failed and failing states
12. International Terrorism
13. Loss of fresh water
14. Collapse of NPT
15. Emergence of Nanatechnology risks
16. Extreme climate change
17 Liability regimes
18. etc.,

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Advisor, Corporate Risks

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Comment by Vivekk Raghuvanshi on November 15, 2009 at 1:15am
Nuclear Non - Proliferation Treaty
Comment by Eric Garland on November 12, 2009 at 10:54am
What is the collapse of NPT?

Otherwise, and interesting list of global risks to be mitigated by large institutions. I imagine some organizational cultures will be better than others at recognizing this.
Comment by Vivekk Raghuvanshi on November 12, 2009 at 7:12am
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Internal Environment Analysis

Do we / competitors have a powerful strategy
What core competence do we / competitors have
How is our product strongly differentiated from that of our rivals
Are our competencies and capabilities well matched to industry key success factors
Do we / competitors have a strong brand name
What is the company's reputation
How does our technology, technical skills compare to competitors
Do we have a cost advantage over rivals
What are our / competitors product innovation capabilities
What is our / competitors supply chain management capability
Where do we stand versus competitors with regard to customer service
How does our product quality compare to rivals
Do we / competitors have alliances or joint ventures with other organizations that provide access to valuable technology, markets or creates a synergy in our competencies
Are we / competitors serving additional customer groups or market segments
Are we / competitors partially / fully integrated
Is there a likely entry of potential new competitors in our market segments
How effective is the substitution effect in the industry
Is there a shift in buyer needs away from our products
Are there any adverse demographic changes that curtail demand for our product / services
Are there restrictive trade policies on behalf of foreign governments
Are there expensive new regulatory requirements

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