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Extracting and Interpreting Emissions in Competitive intelligence

Extracting and Interpreting Emissions in Competitive intelligence

It is not the competitors organization one faces that is important but the think tank that controls the organization that needs profiling. If one can understand how the competitors think tank functions, one can anticipate how the competitors organization will act and react to ones maneuvers in the market.

One needs to be sharp enough to interpret the subtle emissions that competitors reflexively emit about their innermost thoughts and intentions.

One should never let ones mask down as the competitor is watching to interpret ones emotions as they indulge in role playing to anticipate your intentions and capabilities.

Develop the intuitive ability to penetrate the veil and deception which the competitor creates by intentionally sending out emissions in OSINT for you to read and work on complex scenarios.

Your analysts will always interpret information through their own preconceptions and prejudices, it is unfortunately a failing of a human mind.

If the analyst lacks insight into the complexity of a human mind, one will always remain a prisoner of ones perception. There are so many variables such as political ideology, religious ideology and individual ideology coupled with the class and caste system influences that influence perceptions of the target as well as the analyst. This makes extraction of information by discreet and subtle probe very complex, forget being dumb enough to call or meet the competitors think tank and believe in your ability to extract information.

Analysis is always perception driven. Human beings always wear a veil of illusion. They will never let their guard down and let you get a secret glimpse into their souls. Early in life one learns to be competitive by masking ones true feelings and emotions and learns that communication is never a tool to express emotions but to influence human behavior.

You are sadly mistaken if you consider the competitors think tank to be gullible and retarded as a moron that by your discreet questions, you will be able to extract information. You are able to extract what the think tank wants you to extract and you relish in your ability to extract information.

Intuition always warns when competitors probe through OSINT and this is why OSINT is always doctored to create a rouse. The deliberate murkiness makes extraction of information difficult while using active intelligence tools in competitive intelligence.

It is inherent in the nature of a human being to conceal their thoughts, and thoughts and actions always have a dissonance as the competitors competitive intelligence operators are always scanning the environment to interpret overt as well as subtle emissions. But it is unconsciously that human beings betray their intentions and this is an art which if you have not mastered, you will never be able to interpret signals in the manner you should interpret them.

When you profile people and categorize them into a personality type, have you forgotten that the competitors competitive intelligence operator may intentionally lead you up a garden path because the subject wants you to profile and categorize the subject as a particular personality type.

Never underestimate the intelligence of a human mind and lastly the intelligence of a competitive intelligence operator of the competitor who doctors information for you to play with and lets you derive the cheap thrill of believing that you have superior information extraction capability.

It is at times of crisis that you may believe that the multiple masks which human beings use may be breached. In ordinary human beings it is possible to breach a couple of masks of deception that they wear but breaching the mask of the think tank of a competitor requires a very powerful intuition.

As a competitive intelligence analyst you need to understand that it is the quality of information that is more important than the quantity of information that you harvest.

A competitors think tank will always plant moles and mislead you think that the competitors organization follows 10 commandments and the Bible and some code of ethics.

The moles planted by the competitor are handled by a very competent handler who is trained in the art of making the organization competitive and you believe that you will be able to penetrate the “veil of illusion” with your state of the art technology.

Human beings leave strong and subtle emissions in OSINT and let you gather and analyze information, but what if the competitors competitive intelligence operator intentionally leaves a paper trail for you to follow?

The competitors competitive intelligence operators are not complacent as the competitor is always profiling you and yet innovating and constantly adapting to outflank and outmaneuver your organization in the corporate battlefield.

Never forget that competitive intelligence is anticipating competitors actions and reactions to your moves.

The competitors competitive intelligence team is as smart as you, if not superior.

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Comment by Vivekk Raghuvanshi on March 19, 2010 at 10:45pm

Stephen Cheney wrote:

Think Tanks consist of small groups of experts that are productive usually because they have at least one dominant personality within them, and at least one Creative Ideas person (both may be the same personality). The input and output of a Think Tank is not very predictable, the members usually being drawn in from various other work areas for a major purpose; they might not know each other very well except by reputation, and may be disbanded when the project is completed.
As the output and driving force of the Think Tank depends so much on one or two people within the group, then a reading of such people will allow a maximum return for the allocation of minimal resources.
Think Tanks that do not contain such persons are usually ‘dead in the water’ and get nowhere in solving problems or in creating better systems or products. Although Think Tank members may be good at their own jobs, they don’t necessarily have the talent for generating ideas nor the self-motivational drive to bring the ideas to fruition by a logical process of actions that plough through any obstacles. What ‘lower’ members usually bring to the table is information about the problem at hand, or they may be observers, representatives of other power groups observing and tapping into an evolutionary process. It is the prime duty of any executive in charge of forming and running a Think Tank to ensure that those who are proven to have the talents of Ideas and Drive are definitely included..................................................................

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