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Mr Narendra Modi's initiative to make India a Manufacturing Hub: 
We Facilitate foreign companies set up manufacturing units in India:-

1. Incorporating a company
2. Registration/ IEM/ Industrial license
3. Finding a suitable site for setting up the unit
4. Procurement (Purchasing/ leasing) of land
5. Getting necessary clearances
6. Building construction and approval
7. Commencement of operations

I facilitate a foreign company at each and every step. My primary mandate is to provide all desired information to both foreign and domestic investors about the government policies/incentives/industry information. I am also responsible for providing hand-holding services through the pre-investment phase, execution and after-care support. 

Some of my responsibilities include:

1. Providing the relevant information/data to investors across key industry sectors to support investment decisions
2. Following up for information/approvals from all departments/agencies of government on behalf of the investors and the investing community
3. Receiving investors and providing them facilitation, handholding escort service from the point-of-arrival to point-of-departure
4. Interacting with all states in an hub & spoke model, and informing the investors with the state policies relating to land/ labour/ capital and investment
5. Fixing meetings/appointments of the investors with different departments and agencies of the government
6. Escalating the grievances/disputes of investors with government department/agencies to appropriate authorities
7. Promoting India as a global manufacturing destination in select events/forums
8. Spreading awareness about important initiatives of the central and state government, focused at helping investors and business communities in India

Vivek Raghuvanshi 
Mobile +91-9810825355

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